Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deer Mittens

Knitted with Hoelfeldt Lund Spelsau lamullgarn, about 50 grams of each colour, on 3.0 mm needles.
My own design!

From an article on spelsau yarn on Wikipedia:
“The wool is characterized through having two layers: An outer long haired, glossy undulating layer of wool protecting the underlying layer against wind and rain, and an underlying layer which keeps the sheep warm. The long, protective wool which is used for weaving is traditionally spun into two-strand, tightly-spun yarn, instead of the usual three-strand type, resulting in a beautiful lustre.
This spelsau yarn was used in the Norwegian old tapestries from the renaissance and baroque times. The Viking ship sails were made from spelsau yarn. The wool was also in the old days used in clothing because it was light, stable and absorbed little moisture.”


Larissa said...

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Anonymous said...

Where can we find spelsau yarn? The supply has disappeared with rumors that it is no longer being spun.