Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Replica of gloves from Fyresdal, West-Telemark, 19th century

A replica made of knitted gloves, of which only a black-and-white photo exists in the collection of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Origin: Fyresdal in Telemark; dated 1870-1879.
The original colours are a mystery to me, maybe black, red and white? Red, brown and ocre? Grey?
I only had black, light brown and white, that's why I went for this option...
Fingervottar frå Fyresdal
When I found a photo of these gloves in the "Digitalt Museum", some years ago, I made a pattern diagram but never found suitable yarn. Last month I tried to knit them with thin homespun yarn, but that made them very big. Then I couldn't wait any longer, and tried Rauma Lamullgarn, which gave the perfect gauge.

The gloves have an old folk pattern, with zig-zag lines and rhombuses with crosses on the outside of the glove, and a "protecting" network of crossing lines on the inside of the hand. Small rhombuses and narrow white zig-zag lines on the thumb; eight pointed stars around the wrist. The original glove has no ribbed cuff, and starts with the band of stars. I added the cuff for practical reasons. 

Knitted with fabulous Rauma Lamull on horribly pointy 1.5 mm needles.


året rundt said...

Wow, så fantastiske vanter! Moro at du ser på gamle bilder, jeg liker også det... Kjekt å finne gamle skatter som dette! Skjønner du nyter ferien!

Anonymous said...

Digitalt museum er et faaarlig sted ;-) - så utrolig mye inspirasjon.
Utrolige vanter, det ligger nok endel timer bak der.

astrid, trondheim

Elanit said...

Så vackra vantar! Jag surfar också runt mycket på Digitalt Museum...

Linda said...

Fineottar. Men pinne nr 1.5, går det an?