Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Replica of gloves from Fyresdal, West-Telemark, 19th century

A replica made of knitted gloves, of which only a black-and-white photo exists in the collection of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Origin: Fyresdal in Telemark; dated 1870-1879.
The original colours are a mystery to me, maybe black, red and white? Red, brown and ocre? Grey?
I only had black, light brown and white, that's why I went for this option...
Fingervottar frå Fyresdal
When I found a photo of these gloves in the "Digitalt Museum", some years ago, I made a pattern diagram but never found suitable yarn. Last month I tried to knit them with thin homespun yarn, but that made them very big. Then I couldn't wait any longer, and tried Rauma Lamullgarn, which gave the perfect gauge.

The gloves have an old folk pattern, with zig-zag lines and rhombuses with crosses on the outside of the glove, and a "protecting" network of crossing lines on the inside of the hand. Small rhombuses and narrow white zig-zag lines on the thumb; eight pointed stars around the wrist. The original glove has no ribbed cuff, and starts with the band of stars. I added the cuff for practical reasons. 

Knitted with fabulous Rauma Lamull on horribly pointy 1.5 mm needles.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Folkloristic stitches

Three embroidery projects that I finished these last weeks, thanks to the rainy weather: 

A white linen square with red motives inspired by Moroccan Fesi embroidery (but not identical on the backside of the work, as it should be...)


Another smaller linen square with a folk motif from Hungary, in cross stitch.

And a little practise square with some embroidery techniques used in Norway on traditional textiles.

From top to bottom: