Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yarn design

Not so many posts lately, but there are definitely some yarn/fiber-based projects (and other unspeakable horrors) lurking  in the depths of the Jungle!

Some months ago, I got Sarah Anderson's "Spinner's Book Of Yarn Designs", with clear explanations on how to make 80 different kinds of yarn. It's like having a private spinning teacher at home - so much practical information! And I love her focus on spinning the right yarn for a specific knitting, crochet or weaving project; a yarn that looks great and is functional knitted up as well (and not just pretty in a skein only).
Here some pictures of my spinning projects.  Most of them are spun from natural white Corriedale wool from Spinnvilt's webshop, the two on the bottom are spun from handpainted rovings I bought on Etsy.

Flame yarn (Thick-and-thin single plied with a thin single)

Slubble crepe yarn, 3-ply (Flame yarn plied with another thin single)

Fat single
Flame yarn in skein

Balanced 2-ply

All four together - ready for the dyepot!

Flame yarn, handpainted roving

2-ply Falkland, handpainted roving